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Fable Carrier Bag

Fable Carrier Bag

If you’re on the go a lot, naturally you want to take your dog with you, and the Fable Carrier Bag is a stylish tote for your everyday needs. Crafted from the highest quality leather and handcrafted by artisans in Ubrique, Spain, the harness is an absolute must-have for small dogs. The bag is lined with nylon padding to keep your dog comfortable while traveling, and you can easily wipe off any dirt or mess.This thoughtful design has everything you and your portable pet need: reinforced straps to conveniently carry the bag, a zipper pouch to hold your supplies, and a short tether on the inside to secure your dog.

  • Leash attachment for securing dog inside
  • Removable nylon interior for easy cleaning
  • Exterior pocket for storing personal items and treats
  • Premium super soft leather to maximize comfort for you and your dog

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For those with small dogs—we’re talking 15 pounds or less—you’ve got to get them the chic Fable Carrier Bag. This attractive leather tote bag might look like your average handbag, but it’s actually designed for carrying around dogs, featuring a cushioned nylon interior, inner tether, and reinforced straps.

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